Lofoten Diesel Heater

1.536,99 (1.270,24 ex. VAT)

The Lofoten is a floor mounted heater and fits well in larger cabins. The unique selling point is the cast-iron lid providing a top cooking surface. A kettle water or stew is easily heat up while the heater is warming the cabin. The rectangular shape makes this heater a cosy eye-catcher where you want to sit with.

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  • Requires 4” (10,16 cm) diameter chimney parts.
  • Minimum 1,8 meter of chimney is required, a straight run with no elbows works best.
  • We always recommend a barometric damper; to absorb wind fall and to stimulate draft • Barometric Damper Installation & Operation.
  • Permanent fresh air vent needed in direct area of the unit.
  • Provides radiant heat which will dry out moisture inside the vessel/cabin.
  • Includes a small cast iron cook top for cooking.
  • Easy to light by lifting the cook top (lifter included).
  • In sailboat installations, this unit must face fore or aft, if facing port or starboard is desired, the valve would need to be mounted to the side of the unit so the gravity fed valve won’t starve the burner on heels up to 15 degrees.
  • 12v draft assist fan included (can be converted to 24v). Used for startup and draft assistance on high fire.
  • Valve is calibrated for diesel but can be re-calibrated for kerosene or stove oil.
  • 1 turn hot water coil for 19 – 38 liter or a 2 turn hot water coil for 57 – 76 liter can be installed for water heating.

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